The Italian Electric​ Propulsion​

Planning step by step


Planning an electric propulsion boat might seem easy. Generally speaking you just need a motor, a propeller and a battery pack. Problems arise when you need to choose the most suitable motor for that specific boat hull, its configuration, voltage, power, rpm. On the basis of these elements, which battery pack is required? Deigma was created in order to specifically respond to these and many other needs.

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Made to perform, made to last


Placing great value in CIMA1915 experience over one hundred years of history, Deigma Division stands mainly as a supplier for propulsion motors in the electric marine sector. In this section you will have the opportunity to focus on the main product lines, their technical features and the performances of Deigma Motors by Cima.

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Everything is under control


With its over 500,000 motors employed in the engine systems of thousands of boats all over the world, CIMA1915 is the ideal partner for managing the main electric systems of leisure boats. Discover more on electric motors for winches, windlasses and pumps by Cima.

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General Queries

Find here answers to the main questions about Deigma and its electric propulsion system.

Deigma is CIMA1915 division specialized in designing and supplying electric propulsion systems for the marine sector.

Deigma does not only provide consulting for designing and configuration, but proposes specific electric motors for propulsion, control systems and throttles as well as supplying the battery pack, if required.

Definitely! Since it is indeed conceived for each specific boat, Deigma is able to supply a complete propulsion system: from the motor to the control box, from the throttle to the propeller.

The configuration of an Electric Propulsion System is quite a complex process. There are many variables, from the boat hull to its tonnage, from the cruise speed to the propeller typology. Deigma engineers and experts are available for designers, boat owners, shipyards and system integrators in order to design the most suitable configuration and propose the best Deigma system.

Deigma Team is willing to support customers when planning the battery pack and the solar energy system. Though this is not Deigma’s core activity, the division can supply these components, if required, or support the clients by helping them choose the best provider.


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